John Ciacchella
Deloitte Consulting LLP

John Ciacchella’s 20-plus year career as a technology advisor combines his considerable tenure in the consulting arena with eight-plus years of direct industry experience in the semiconductor and electronics industry, where he held key positions in marketing, R&D, and manufacturing. He holds two patents in semiconductor processing technology applications. Prior to joining Deloitte Consulting LLP, he led A.T. Kearney’s Communications and High Tech practice for the West Coast region, and before that, he led the High Tech practice for the Americas. Recently, he served on the board of Joint Venture Silicon Valley Network, a business and community development group for the Silicon Valley Region; and, he has also served on several new venture company boards.

John has led client engagements across the U.S., Europe, and Asia in new product and business development, marketing strategy, technology management, and corporate strategy.  Combined with his deep industry knowledge and applied experience at National Semiconductor, Schlumberger Research, and Fairchild Semiconductor, he has a strong track record of advising clients on complex business and industry issues.  
Throughout his consulting career, John has played an active role in thought leadership. Most recently, in early 2005 he led a comprehensive industry study examining the key future trends and competitive preparedness of U.S. high technology companies which confirmed the fundamental and rapid shift underway to a consumer driven value chain for the industry overall and highlighted how U.S. businesses have to “step up” their ability to compete. Other noteworthy studies he has led examined cost, effectiveness and best practices for high tech industry sales and distribution channels, the emerging network publishing market and emerging internet based business models.  He has also led several pro bono studies with Joint Venture Silicon Valley Network – the most recent which looked at the impact of outsourcing on the Silicon Valley/Bay Area. Others included the future of the Bay Area work force and several internet regional studies.

John holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems Management from the University of San Francisco, and an MBA in Technology Management from Golden Gate University.