The C-Suite Proves to be Greatest Offender of Casual Password Exchanges

PALO ALTO, CA. (June 11, 2023) – Confidential IT data breach is rampant across businesses of all sizes and industries as password pass-along and post-it pinup rates soar amongst IT professionals according to a new study, “The Password Pain Poll”, released by DigitalPersona and the Business Performance Management (BPM) Forum. And, as the study shows, the members of the C-suite are the worst offenders when it comes to sticky-note password exchanges.

In the survey, IT and security professionals revealed that corporate password pains are proliferating to the point of presenting a disastrous business threat with costly network data breaches.  Yet, while companies have tools at their disposal like fingerprint readers or other biometric tools, few are actually deploying these security solutions.

Highlights of the research include:

  1. 68 percent of C-level executives say network passwords have been exchanged with colleagues in their organization.
  2. Nearly half (48%) of C-suite management respondents said their top security priority this year is ease of use and increased productivity.  This was five times higher than lowering cost of secure access (9.5%).
  3. 40 percent said half or more of their employees can access confidential information with passwords, smart cards, or tokens.

The report is currently available for download via DigitalPersona at www.digitalpersona.com/passwordsurvey or via the BPM Forum at www.bpmforum.org.


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