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To what degree is the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) an area of strategic interest and focus in your organization? (Select only one)

How widely do you think the IIoT has been embraced across your industry sector? (Select only one)

In what ways do you expect IIoT technologies and applications to deliver measurable value and performance improvement in your industry? (Select top three)

How great of an economic impact do you expect IIoT to have on your industry over the next three years? (Select only one)

How would you describe your current attitude and activities with respect to IIoT? (Select only one)  

In which areas has your organization developed a plan to leverage the growth of IIoT technology? (Check all that apply)

From an economic, ROI or competitive advantage standpoint, where does IIoT have the most impact, relevance and/or value? (Select top three)

What are the top concerns that your organization or industry has related to IIot? (Select top three)

How great of a staffing/talent skill gap do you believe exists within your industry with respect to achieving operational connectedness and IIoT data utilization? (Select only one)

How do you rate your company’s ability to develop and deploy applications that embrace and utilize real-time insights and systems monitoring? (Select only one)

Which executives and outside partners are participating in, or leading, your company’s IIoT efforts? (Select all that apply)

How will the IIoT most benefit your customers? (Select top three)

Where is your organization currently allocating IIoT investments, resources or research? (Select top three)

What changes do you think IIoT adoption will require within your organization? (Select top three)

What sources of information do you find most valuable and trusted on the subject of IIoT? (Select top three)

Are you satisfied with the current quality, depth and independence of information and insight you are getting on the subject of IIoT in your industry? (Select only one)

Would you be interested in joining and contributing to Penton’s IoT Institute online community, e-learning, case studies and research? (If yes, please provide contact information below)

Would you be interested in sharing a success story or best practices insight about IIoT with one of Penton’s editors such as from IoT Institute, IndustryWeek and/or others? (If yes, please provide contact information below)

What most closely describes your position? (Select one)

About how many employees does your company have?

What is your company’s ownership structure?

Please estimate your company’s revenue (USD)?

What best describes your company’s industry sector?

In which region is most of your team located?