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In what type of financial institution are you employed?

What is the size of your institution by assets?

How have business conditions changed for your institution in the past 12 months?

What are your expectations for the next 12 months?

How do you expect M&A activity among community banks to change over the next 24 months?

How would your company most likely be involved in a merger or acquisition over the next 24 months?

Have you taken any of the steps below in the past 18 months? (Select all that apply)

What are the top challenges to your institution’s profitability and/or growth? (Select Top 3)

What are your institution’s top initiatives for the coming 12-18 months? (Select Top 3)

Based on what you know, what is most important to your customers?

Which company provides your Core IT account and data processing services?

Overall, are you satisfied with the value offered by your Core services vendor?

Are your current Core vendor contracts favorably structured to address changes to your business due to mergers or acquisitions?

Are you being charged fairly for Core and complementary IT services?

Approximately how much do you pay in total for all Core IT services monthly?

When does your primary Core services contract expire?

Which company provides your Internet banking services today?

Are you using a separate vendor for EFT? If so, which one?

If you us more than one vendor, do you feel they are well integrated?

What forces are driving your adoption of new technologies and technology services? (Select Top 3)

In what technologies have you invested over the past 3 years? (Select all that apply)

Which technology are priorities for the next 3 years? (Choose up to 3)

How concerned are you about the cost of keeping pace with the new technology requirements in your industry?

How long have you been in the banking industry?

How long have you been affiliated with your institution?

How would you describe your position?

What role do you play in making decisions for Core IT services and vendors?

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