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5 Big Questions on Innovation

Hicham Sabir, Open Innovation Leader for North America , Philips Lighting

Hicham Sabir
Open Innovation Leader for North America at Philips Lighting

Hicham Sabir is the Open Innovation Leader for North America at Philips Lighting. He holds an Engineering Degree from French Engineering School Arts et Métiers and a Master of Science in Applied Physics from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden. Prior to his curre…
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Getting Serious About Omni-Channel Experience

Making Customer Value Creation the New Competitive Equation

Today’s omni-channel consumer expects a seamless journey across both physical and digital channels. Personalization and real-time, always on experiences are a core demand for consumers who expect that each and every experience delivers value to their unique journey. More »

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Competitive Gain in the Ocean Supply Chain

Innovation That’s Driving Maritime Operational Transformation

In an effort to ignite transformation in the ocean shipping supply chain, this study explores new approaches towards industry collaboration across all stakeholders, as well as technology solutions that will improve productivity, efficiency, speed and collaboration across the entire value chain. More »

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The Impact of Connectedness on Competitiveness

Creating Business Value From Operational Insight Driven by the Industrial IoT

A landmark BPI Network study exploring the impact of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) on transforming business and industrial performance, delivering significant improvements in operational efficiency and uptime, and achieving growth from new business models, products, services and customer experiences. More »

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Getting Control of Document Flow

Exploring Exposure and Risk in Document-Related Security Breaches

A new study by the BPI Network that explores the incidence, prevention practices, and ramifications of document security breaches for organizations of all sizes. The study underscores a glaring lack of effective security practices surrounding the way companies create and share confidential and sensitive documents. More »

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Purpose-Built Insurance

Managing Risk and Building Wealth With a Self-Directed Insurance Subsidiary

This white paper serves as an introduction to the concept of purpose-built insurance subsidiaries, or captive insurance, and is designed for mid-sized businesses that may benefit from their creation. More »

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Gain the Ability for Cloud Agility

Assessing Enterprise Capacity to Embrace a Multi-Cloud Strategy

The move to next-generation IT operating models, featuring public, private and hybrid clouds, has begun in earnest in many enterprises globally. The advantages of the cloud are robust. Yet, the move to the cloud is also creating new layers of complexity and concern for executive management teams and their IT…

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Competitive Gain In The Ocean Supply Chain

Innovation That’s Driving Maritime Operational Transformation

The Competitive Gain in the Ocean Supply Chain is a thought leadership initiative that explores the impact of connectedness on operational effectiveness in the maritime industry. It aims to address the economic challenges and requirements for improved efficiency and productivity throughout the ocean supply chain…

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Getting Control of Document Flow

Exploring Exposure and Risk In Document-Related Data Breaches

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Streamline How You Get to the Bottom Line

Progressive CFOs: Inspired By What’s Required

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Mindsets Matter!

By Shane Cragun & Kate Sweetman

It is important to respect all mindsets. But it is true that some mindsets tend to create better results in today’s Age of Disruption. What happens when leaders, teams, and organizations (even societies) operate with distorted and outdated mindsets? Nothing good. Research shows that both tangibles (financials) and intangibles (morale) drop…. More »

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Pivotal Practices for Leading Innovation

By Amiel Handelsman

Listening like a master and seeing patterns: The two pivotal practices for leading innovation. Leading innovation requires a distinct set of learnable skills. These skills, often hidden from view, are instrumental to developing the culture, people, and structures needed to innovate. Amiel Handelsman describes how to elevate your game from… More »

Every holiday season GlobalFluency, the CMO Council and the BPI Network highlight a cause that is working to brighten the world. This year, we’d like to introduce you to Play Rugby USA (www.playrugbyusa.com), an award winning social change program dedicated to empowering and developing at-risk youth through the game of rugby.

Play Rugby USA runs inspirational, team-building programs that help disadvantaged inner city kids and teens develop physically and emotionally. Thousands are learning to tackle life’s challenges and improving their self-concept and confidence by playing one of the world’s most demanding sports.

But as with all great causes, Play Rugby USA cannot impact young lives without financial assistance. As you look to spread cheer this holiday season, please consider supporting this innovative initiative to build wellness and self-worth among youth in marginalized inner city communities. www.playrugbyusa.com