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Amine Ayad
Head of Workforce Management
Bed Bath & Beyond

Dr. Ayad is a Scholar-Practitioner, inspirational, and accomplished business leader with over twenty-two years of experience in developing and implementing strategies, designing and sustaining effective processes, building consensus and collaboration, engaging frontline employees, senior field managers, and corporate executives leading to improved top line and bottom line business results. 

Currently, Dr. Ayad works for Bed Bath and Beyond as the Head of Workforce Management. Dr. Ayad has also previously worked for reputable organizations such as Home Depot, Sears, and Wal-Mart in different leadership roles at senior field and corporate levels. He has witnessed the advantages and disadvantages as well as the successes and disappointments of transformation and change at each of these organizations. 

As an entrepreneur, civil engineer, and a Vice President of Operations, he participated in launching new companies and successfully negotiated exclusive representations, contracts, and partnerships nationally and internationally in countries such as Lebanon, Egypt, Russia, UK, Canada, and USA.

Dr. Ayad also teaches a doctorate course entitled ‘Futuring and Innovations’ at Colorado Technical University. He has conducted extensive research on the topics of organizational development and change, theory development, consumer behavior, and success in business with focus on retail management. 

Dr. Ayad’s has published his findings in papers that attempt to bridge the gap between academics and practitioners as well as applied management and theoretical management. His research aspires to transform work into a laboratory that in turn is used to develop management theories.  As such, Dr. Ayad extensively uses action research as well as qualitative and quantitative methods to benefit both academics and practitioners. 

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