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Dr. Bettina von Stamm
Innovation Leadership Forum

Dr. Bettina von Stamm is an original and visionary thinker in the field of innovation, who has focused on enabling innovation with particular emphasis on large organisations since 1992. The passion was kindled during her MBA and deepened further when she returned to London Business School to do her PhD titled: “Understanding the effects of context and complexity in new product development” (1994-1998).

In 2004, after having worked independently for 12 years, she founded the Innovation Leadership Forum (ILF) through which she offers a variety of innovation MasterClasses and coaching to help senior managers and innovation leaders address barriers to innovation, and create sustainably innovative organizations. 

With Innovators Anonymous, the ILF’s Networking Group, she has created a forum for the exchange, exploration and development of innovation leading practice where leaders and decision makers can embrace the challenges of innovation in a non-competitive and non-selling environment. 

Wanting to understand has always been a main driver for Bettina which is why she has engaged in 5 rounds of research into “Innovation Leading Practice & Future Challenges” (2001, 2003, 2006, 2010, 2015), and in order to help organisations understand both the ambition of and starting point for their specific innovation journey, she has created the Innovation Wave®, a facilitated assessment tool for innovation capability. 

Keen to spread her passion and insights she loves public speaking and writing as evidenced in many articles, a ‘regular regular’ newsletter, and three books: The Innovation Wave – an introduction to holistic thinking in innovation for senior managers (2002), Managing Innovation Design & Creativity – a textbook (2nd ed. 2008), and The Future of Innovation (with Anna Trifilova) which knits together views from over 150 innovation experts  (2009).

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