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Grant Bodley
General Manager, Global Manufacturing

Grant Bodley is a strategic sales and industry leader with over 20 years of sales, consulting and business management experience with many of the world’s most exciting companies, from high-growth start-ups to global industry leaders. He has demonstrated an incredible ability to build, inspire and lead high performance teams to achieve dramatic results. He is also an accomplished public speaker with exceptional interpersonal and communication skills.

Having spent much of his career focused on enabling manufacturers to leverage technology to transform their business operations, he is currently providing Hortonworks with global manufacturing leadership within one of the fastest growing technology segments, namely Big Data, which holds tremendous benefit for Manufactures. With the advent of low cost sensors and machine-to-machine (M2M) communications technology, manufactures are now able leverage Big Data Insights to transform their business. There, he is working with leading manufacturers and the global partner ecosystem to unlock the tremendous benefits that big data insights hold for manufacturing.

Previously, he led SAP’s Strategic Customer Program in the West Region of North America, which included responsibility for SAP’s most strategic customer relationships and the success of all lines of business, including software revenue growth, consulting and premium support services. During his time there, he achieved dramatic results in terms of both revenue growth and customer success.
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