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Rahul Dubey
SVP of Innovation and Solutions

Rahul is currently responsible for collaborating with the C-level executives at AHIP’s Health Plan Membership to develop and implement innovative, best in class, emerging solutions and approaches that accelerate utilization of these mission critical applications in order to deliver a higher quality of care, improving the wellbeing of consumers and driving down the cost of care received.  

Rahul has extensive practical knowledge in regard to creating new, multi-stakeholder, collaborative business models as well as optimizing the use of effective next generation digital health solutions that create a simplified and positive consumer care experience. His role expands to include efforts on initiatives that have led to the creation of innovative care pathways, normalizing and sharing of data to build new and viable care measures, developing actionable and personalized programs and tools that ensure behavior change resulting in increased desired health outcomes. He continues to help develop, test, measure and iterate innovative platforms that increase efficiencies for all key stakeholders as they collectively focus on outcomes driven care.

Rahul’s most recent brainchild is the 26,000 sq ft AHIP Innovation Lab in Chicago’s West Loop. He is responsible for creating the Lab’s one of a kind concept, continues to fulfill its mission of delivering an invaluable resource for AHIP Membership and leads all of the Lab’s collaborative and confidential Solution Working Groups that involve individual payers, providers, manufacturers, MedTech, innovative solution providers  and the AHIP Innovation Lab’s trusted and crucial Inaugural Partners.

Prior to joining AHIP, Rahul played a leadership role as a founding employee of a successful Digital Healthcare start-up based in Washington DC, WiserTogether. Along with WiserTogether’s Co-founders, Rahul was instrumental in developing their payer, provider and consumer focused platform as well as the company’s “go to market” strategy which resulted in successful market penetration for the industry’s first ever consumer-led shared decision making and treatment selection platform.

Rahul invites you to learn more about the AHIP Innovation Lab through their video overview located here: The AHIP Innovation Lab: An Invaluable Member Resource

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