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  Business Traction From Better Decision Action Webinar

Only 40 percent of business executives had high confidence in their organization’s decision-making process.
                                          — Corporate Decision Dynamics survey

How confident are you in your company’s decision making abilities? Do you have the culture, processes and technology to foster good decision making within your enterprise? The DecisionROI Institute of the BPM Forum presented this complimentary live Webinar, on corporate decision-making, featuring senior executives from three well-known organizations with distinct approaches to the dynamics behind making good decisions.

  • Pat Donahoe, Deputy Postmaster General & Chief Operating Officer – United States Postal Service
  • Glenn Thomas, CMO, GE Commercial Finance Global Media & Communications – GE
  • Lee Stacey, Senior Vice President – New York Jets Football Club
  • Dave Laverty, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer – Cognos

The one-hour Webinar was part of the Business Traction from Better Decision Action BPM Forum initiative, underwritten by Cognos. It provided a comprehensive look into the drivers and dynamics behind good – and poor – decision making. The study incorporated in-depth one-on-one interviews with senior business leaders, having surveyed executives from across multiple industries, as well as receiving input from recognized academic authorities on the subject. Webinar panelists engaged in lively discussion. The attendees joined in with many interesting and often thought-provoking questions.

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