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Charles Lusk, President & Co-Founder, Onsite Dental Solutions

Charles Lusk, President & Co-Founder at Onsite Dental Solutions Read insights

With both corporate wellness and elite staff retention increasingly critical for large enterprises, President Charles Lusk and his partners at On-Site Dental Solutions have pioneered a game-changing model that is solving multiple challenges at once.

It turns out that in an economy where employee populations are best treated as treasured communities, an on-site dental suite offers far more value than an additional amenity to the gym and the company laundry. 

As the first company to dedicate themselves to the provisions of customized, turn-key dental services on corporate campuses, the company has found that its services not only act as a lure for top talent for its clients, but has also measured a significant drop in the productivity cost of “presenteeism.” Employees with easy access to high quality on-site dental care are avoiding the mental engagement loss of toothache and treatment procrastination, and are even benefitting from early detection of more serious health conditions.

At age 35, Lusk’s fantastically diverse professional experience evokes an almost fabled American Dream – having been both an institutional asset manager for Goldman Sachs and a horse wrangler for major ranch operations. However, it was while he was still on Wall Street that Lusk first innovated this model, while brainstorming with one of America’s leading private practitioners, Dr. Scott Coleman. After just four years since its launch, On-Site Dental Solutions has more than 20 clients who also boast about the boutique dental offices, which reflect their unique cultures in esthetic design. 

Meanwhile, On-Site Dental Solutions handles everything – from site selection and staff deployment to patient scheduling and liability. It surely won’t be long before engineers in places like Silicon Valley find themselves watching ceiling-mounted Netflix movies while receiving world class dental treatment, forty yards from their desks. 

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