New Survey Underway: "Turning Software Drain into Business Gain"
Eliminating Dated, Deficient or Redundant Business Applications

Sponsored by Cognizant Technologies and Borland, with the BPM Forum

Developing, managing,
maintaining and supporting the proliferation of business software applications cost global corporations billions annually. Many of these applications are redundant, outmoded, and deficient—consuming valuable IT resources, draining business performance and compromising essential processes and operations.

Cognizant, Borland and the Business Performance Management (BPM) Forum are teaming to study the economics of rationalizing and reducing the number of business software applications running in corporate America from both a qualitative and quantitative viewpoint. Together, they will examine the risks, liabilities, costs, complexities and IT operational inefficiencies inherent in the vast number of unnecessary business applications deployed today. Cognizant and Borland will involve its customers and BPM Forum members and media partners in a strategic analysis of best practices, processes and systems for optimizing the value, availability and integrity of software applications as a critical component of business performance across key vertical industries. These include banking and financial services, insurance, retail, health care, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, telecommunications, and manufacturing.

The online survey initiative around Business Software Economics (BSE) will:

  • Target a cross section of business line, operating and finance executives, as well as CIOs and IT personnel
  • Drill into organizational, cost and business performance issues around improper application portfolio analysis and software "sprawl" in corporate environments
  • Identify the scope and range of problems faced by each company; develop a BSE economics auditing tool and software management best practices matrix
  • Identify and categorize the challenges, problems, concerns, characteristics, consistencies, commonalities, etc.
  • Quantify views, opinions, implications, awareness, costs, and prevalence around the availability, quality, and criticality of using, managing, maintaining and supporting software across the organization

Please click here to share your insights and views by taking the survey.

Survey results will be published in August, reported to the media, and presented to members through an interactive web conference, webcast and content syndication and presentation over the Web.