BPM Forum Lauds President-Elect Obama’s Decision to Appoint First Chief Performance Officer

Despite Enormous Challenges, New Position Has Opportunity to Bring New Levels of Visibility, Accountability and Change to Federal Government

PALO ALTO (January 7, 2023) —The Business Performance Management (BPM) Forum, a global private sector executive group advocating corporate accountability, compliance and operational visibility, applauds the decision of President-elect Barack Obama to appoint the first White House Chief Performance Officer. 

Performance Management, based on the use of business intelligence solutions and platforms, is being used successfully throughout the private sector, as well as within government agencies, to heighten financial disciplines, improve decision making, strengthen planning processes and adaptability, and ensure performance improvement in large organizations.

The BPM Forum is now gathering perspectives from leading performance management experts, academics and solutions providers and will issue brief report soon on their perspectives and opinions about the new appointment and the opportunities and challenges faced by the incoming White House CPO, Nancy Killefer.

“Clearly the job of Chief Performance Officer within the Federal government and bureaucracy has huge political and organizational challenges beyond those encountered in the private sector,” said Mark Clemente, Director of the BPM Forum. “Nevertheless, if Nancy Killefer is at all successful in bringing true performance management disciplines to the federal budget and operations, tremendous gains are possible. Regardless of the outcome, the decision and effort are positive signs of potential change.”

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