Date: Recorded on December 13, 2022
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Join peers and thought leaders for the on-demand playback of the Remote Revolution Web Conference recorded on December 13, 2005. This informative, 60-minute event, sponsored by Avaya, is for executives and senior staff responsible for maximizing workforce productivity, customer loyalty and business performance.

You will:

  • Find out how increased mobility is heightening customer expectations for real-time service and support, while also increasing IT vulnerabilities, liabilities and risks
  • Gain insights into where companies are investing to ensure business continuity, uptime, security and productivity among mobile workers
  • Hear expert opinions on how to overcome business and IT challenges with enterprise mobility strategies for infrastructure, training and outsourcing
  • Receive a complimentary thought leadership package including the “Remote Revolution” report from BPM Forum, the “Working to Communicate Better in Business” report from Avaya — plus two case studies highlighting enterprise mobility strategies and best practices at Boston Red Sox and Padcom organizations


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