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Predictability Through Planning Agility

Best Practices in Collaborative Budgeting and Continuous Business Rebalancing

Companies are dealing with more complexity than ever before. Competition and markets are no longer local but global in nature. Supply chains are far flung and require the precise orchestration of many moving parts. Businesses are confronting many more variables that can change at a moment’s notice. And economic uncertainty continues to hamper many firms. Achieving continued and accelerated growth requires business leaders to master complexity as part of their daily operations.

Improving the accuracy, value and efficiency of financial planning, forecasting and budgeting should be an important goal for any organization. Research shows that companies that are adept in these processes outperform their competition. Our report investigates how organizations can make financial processes more relevant in driving organizational excellence, efficiency and informed decision-making, while improving forecast and budget accuracy.  The report will look at the value and challenges of corporate forecasting and budgeting processes and discuss the right approaches for improving the performance management aspects of financial processes.  

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