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Global Renewable Energy and Environmental Network (GREEN)
The Global Renewable Energy and Environmental Network (GREEN) is an affinity group of corporate, non-profit, academic and government professionals, who are involved and interested in a wide range of clean energy and sustainability topics. We endeavor to deliver innovative resources, reports and events that advance knowledge and further reflection in a number of different areas, including renewable energy, biofuels, waste management, green building, pollution prevention, smart transportation, sustainable agriculture, environmental education and advocacy. The organization’s partners and members bring considerable industry and technical knowledge to the undertaking as the channels of communication always remain open. Find us at


The Competitive Strategy Roundtable
The Competitive Strategy Roundtable is a special interest group created by the BPM (Business Performance Management) Forum™ that focuses on researching and improving processes and methodologies for reducing competitive risk and enhancing competitive performance within the global enterprise. The Roundtable’s research and programs cover such issues as talent management, intellectual property development and protection, financial capital creation, operational efficiency, and strategic planning.

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Decision ROI Institute
Given the velocity of businesses today, the ability to make consistently effective decisions is one of the most vital, yet least understood business processes that impacts performance. Under the aegis of the BPM Forum’s DecisionROI Institute and with the collaboration of Cognos, this program focuses on executive decision making — the initiative is exploring the economics and dynamics of good, bad or deferred decision-making and their impact on the performance, outcome and momentum of business.

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Software Economics Council™ (SECO)
Software in the enterprise has become the essential, common thread that automates and accelerates modern business processes across operations and geographies including, for example, communications, finance, supply chain management, sales, and customer service. Today’s enterprise systems decision makers – organizations that invest billions of dollars annually in infrastructure and application software development and deployment – are very concerned about enterprise software quality, integration, lifecycle management costs, value and performance issues.

A recent research effort fielded by the BPM Forum called “Software Drain or Business Gain: Assessing Application Value, Relevance and Cost to Your Company” generated some very interesting results that led the BPM Forum, with sponsorship from Aztec Software, to organize the Software Economics Council (SECO). Industry leading Independent software vendors, systems integrators, service providers and large enterprises acknowledge that a fresh look at today’s software issues and economics is absolutely necessary.

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