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The Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network is dedicated to identifying, exploring and sharing emerging trends and transformational ideas and practices that are reshaping world markets and competitive landscapes. Profound business realignment is now underway around rapidly emerging global markets, distributed talent and intellectual capital sourcing, as well as the reverse innovation required to tap complex, diverse and cost-driven regional opportunities. It necessitates the redesign of products, processes and business models, and demands new thinking and inventive approaches from business leadership teams and their entire global organizations.

The BPI Network aims to help senior executives and their multi-national workforces become more inventive, market-centered, operationally efficient, and competitive in a challenged and changing global and local context. Download a Brief Overview & Case Studies »

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Best-of-breed executives from across multiple functions and disciplines have given their time, insights and experience to guide and direct the growth and development of the BPI Network, its special interest networks and its thought leadership programs. Check out BPI Network leadership board »