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Dr. Natalie Petouhoff
Vice President and Principal Analyst
Constellation Research, Inc.

Dr. Natalie’s research is among the top in the world, respected for over 20 years because of her ability to tackle difficult subjects like connecting social media and traditional function department’s initiatives to the bottom-line and creating the world’s first social media return-on-investment calculator. She’s combined her experiences into practical experience to guide CxO’s, PR, Marketing, Customer Service and IT leaders, as integrated teams, to make sound business decisions by providing executable strategies that improve the bottom-line.

Dr. Natalie has developed frameworks, assessments, maturity models and ROI models for the past 15 years, including social media ROI calculators, social media brand index scoring systems, HR and Human Capital ROI models, Customer Service, Brand Equity/Reputation ROI models, PR/Word of Mouth and Marketing Conversion Rate Models as well as Social Media Production Innovation Calculators. By comparing a brand or company’s “current state” to best practices, she has created tools that provide short and long-term roadmaps via recommendation engines that help standardize planning for social media and digital communications programs.

Dr. Natalie’s experience in social media ranges from being a Forrester Analyst, the Chief Strategist for an Agency and a consultant at PWC and BenchmarkPortal. Her focus is to help clients understand how to use social media to drive revenue and profits. She wrote the world’s first social media ROI model. Dr. Natalie is Adjunct Professor at USC and former President of SocialMediaClubLA. With a world-wide practice role spanning client work, practice development and thought leadership. she’s lead the development of consulting practices in management consulting as well as organizational change management at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Benchmarkportal and Hitachi Consulting. Dr. Natalie’s focus is to consult with clients on their strategy for social media, marketing, PR, customer service and integrating them using organizational change management, new technology deployment and social media analytics, measurement and ROI. Dr. Natalie is credited with writing the world’s first social media ROI model for PR, Marketing, Product Innovation and Customer Service.

Dr. Natalie is often quoted in NYTimes, USAToday, Bloomberg-BusinessWeek, CRM Magazine and Peppers and Rogers 1-to-1 Magazine and is also a featured commentator on TV and radio. As an accomplished public speaker, Dr. Natalie is an invited and keynote speaker at conferences like… Social Media Advertising Consortium (SMAC), WOMMA, Web 2.0, Radian6 Conference, Enterprise 2.0, Gartner CRM Summit, Forrester IT, Business Technology and Consumer Forums, Hispanicize, CRM Evolution, SugarCon, C3, UCLA Anderson Business School MBA Program, USC, Pepperdine Business Forum, Vendor Users Conferences, ICMI, GSA and SOCAP.

To follow Dr. Natalie, check out her musing on Twitter.com/drnatalie; her website where she blogs about all thing social and digital, www.drnatalienews.com and can be reached at doctornatalie@gmail.com

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