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Barry Money
General Manager of Retail Development

Barry Money has led innovation projects globally for over 25 years.

He is the one of the founding architects of the Toyota Kaizen Marathon, a global innovation initiative and a Gold Medal winner of Toyota’s best practice in innovation.

Today, Barry drives retail innovation for the Toyota brand in Australia, combining years of Toyota Production System and lean management experience with the latest entrepreneurial thinking in retail best practice and technology.

He is a firm believer in the power of the customer driven retail connection and in his own words he is “allergic to bad customer service.”

Schooled by some of the greatest contemporary thinkers in The Toyota Way and the Toyota Production System, Barry spent many of his formative years living in Japan formulating his own unique blend of thought leadership on lean management, innovation and customer service excellence.

Realizing that these kaizen and innovation concepts could benefit small to medium enterprises around the nation, Barry established Broken Wing Enterprises, which today serves to assist companies in their quest to implement innovative new ideas and drive improvements throughout their own value chains. Barry is an occasional blogger, avid writer and is often known to deliver passionate keynote speeches at global innovation events.

Barry Money is both an entrepreneur and intrapreneur, championing both small to medium enterprise innovation as well as dynamic corporate transformation.

Barry is a devoted father and husband and in his spare time he can sometimes be found in his library with a great book and a good cup of tea.

Barry Money is available at the following contact details:

(m) 0418-409-233

(e) barryjmoney@gmail.com

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