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Lars Percy Andersson
CEO & Founder
Innovation Management

Lars Percy Andersson is an Economist who has extensive management training from the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Switzerland. He also holds a Bachelor´s degree in Behavioral Science and Psychology.

Prior to founding InnovationManagement.se, he was Senior Vice President of Mediaring Inc., one of the world´s leading IP telephone companies. After 10 years of building and developing Mediaring, the management team took the company to IPO at the Singapore Stock Exchange as the first Internet technology company in 1999.

His innovation management experience includes that of a Senior Consultant. He was responsible for executing a major innovation programme for multinational companies in the food and clean tech industry. The program’s success garnered the company and himself several awards, including one from the Swedish Ministry of Agriculture.

Andersson also held the position of Vice Chairman for the Swedish committee in the CEN/TC 389 program, which was created by the European Commission in November 2008 to support a culture of innovation throughout Europe as well as to accelerate the access of innovation to both domestic and global markets.

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