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Adriaan Bouten
CEO & Founder

Adriaan is a true visionary with twenty years of experience in digital transformation across both B2B and B2C industries. He is an accomplished and results-oriented executive in the areas of business transformation, operations, business development, finance and technology. He has specific expertise in strategic planning, digital business models, innovation, and data & analytics. He has shown through his various experience a proven ability to build and grow businesses, maximize profitability, and establish successful industry relationships. He has also worked to bridge the gap between business and technical groups. 

Adriaan founded dprism this year from the belief that established businesses can be as nimble and innovative as any startup, given the right strategy. Dprism is a company that transitions established businesses into the digital marketplace through the strategic application of technology. Adriaan believes that any business can become a disruptor in the digital ecosystem, and every company must adapt in order to survive and grow. With an expert team of experienced consultants, dprism unlocks the hidden opportunities within established companies and, in doing so, drives greater profitability and improved market position.

Prior to founding dprism, Adriaan spent 8 years as the SVP & CIO at McGraw Hill Financial, where he Led digital transformation, lean six sigma, and technology efforts for $1B division of $5B global information organization. While there, he developed and executed a digital transformation strategy for multiple businesses enabling revenue growth, innovation and product development, while simultaneously improving time-to-market and reducing operating costs. While there, Adriaan provided support for J.D. Power & Associates, McGraw-Hill Construction and Platts, and previously the divested holdings of AviationWeek Group, BusinessWeek and Broadcast Stations.

When Adriaan is not actively disrupting industries and markets around him, he is an avid traveler. With his family in tow, he can be found in the Australian Outback, the ruins of Machu Picchu, or sailing around the Greek islands with a book or two stashed away in his suitcase.


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