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Competitive Readiness Review: Planning for and Managing Disruption

Globalization, the continued rapid pace of technology change and adoption, the emergence of new business models enabled by the Internet and new growth markets are continuously reshaping the competitive landscape in today’s business environment. Non-traditional sources of competition have proliferated. New international powerhouses have emerged. Global business competition is more fierce than ever. It has transformed in ways that require more rigorous and far-sighted approaches to identify and react to disruptive market changes, and to maintain competitiveness and excel in the marketplace.

The Competitive Strategy Roundtable is a thought leadership special interest group committed to addressing this challenge. The Roundtable labors to gain insight into the forces transforming today’s business environment, and the demands these forces impose on the strategic planning function within companies. It focuses on the necessary disciplines, processes and methodologies to identify and address market altering changes and improve competitive performance.