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The Competitive Strategy Roundtable Charter

The charter of the Competitive Strategy Roundtable is to advance the quality and impact of competitive planning and readiness within large organizations worldwide and drive organizational success thought enhanced preparedness as a management agenda among C-level executives. The Roundtable will:

  • Accent the need for competitiveness as a necessary core structured discipline and value-creating process within the enterprise
  • Identify and promote the development and adoption of best practices, processes and enabling technologies for competitive readiness
  • Develop original research and insight into enablers that accelerate or inhibit competitive preparedness
  • Gather the perspectives and lessons learned from leading executives, consultants, academics, advisors and thought leaders
  • Facilitate knowledge sharing and interaction among peers involved in driving competitive strategy processes within their organizations
  • Develop a new model for effective global planning that improves quality, accuracy and speed of response in rapidly changing environments
  • Assist executives, board members and others to optimize their organization’s competitive planning and response