About DecisionROI Institute

The DecisionROI Institute™ (Decision Return-on-Insight Institute™) is a major new special interest group created by the Business Performance Management Forum™ that seeks to help improve decision-making in large enterprises. With an advisory board of leading corporate executives, management consultants, academics, and published subject matter experts, the DROI Institute is committed to identifying critical factors that facilitate and advance decision-making in large organizations as well as those that impede.

The Institute is driven by a growing demand within corporations for the development and deployment of best practices, systems and processes that optimize decision quality, accuracy, speed and outcomes. As part of its mission, the Institute will develop a new Decision Effectiveness Model that will enhance decision-making clarity, alignment, velocity and dexterity. Initial underwriting for the Institute is provided by Cognos, a world leader in business intelligence (BI) and performance planning software for the enterprise.

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