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Improve Your Ability To Embrace Business Agility (4 Study Bundle)

Strategic Brief Series: Enabling Corporate Finance Groups to Achieve Greater Velocity & Value Creation

Improving the accuracy, value and efficiency of financial planning, forecasting and budgeting should be an important goal for any organization.  Research shows companies that are adept in these processes outperform their competition. Yet financial processes and systems frequently lack the agility and responsiveness to keep pace with changing business needs and developments.  Budgeting is often excessively time-consuming and arduous, while the final product is typically out-of-date on arrival.  Financial planning processes should, but often do not, motivate and drive organizational performance.

How can companies make financial planning and reporting processes more relevant in driving organizational excellence, efficiency and decision dexterity, while improving forecasting and budgeting accuracy? Download these four short strategic briefs published by the Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network in association with Host Analytics that might spur new thinking and top up your knowledge of cloud-based Enterprise Performance Management (EPM):

  1. Become an Agile Organization – Gain a Competitive Edge Through On-Demand Budgeting and Forecasting
  2. Planning for Growth — How FORTUNE’s Fastest-Growing Company Harnessed the Cloud for Corporate Agility
  3. From 4 Days to 4 Hours – How to Dramatically Streamline Your Board Reporting Process
  4. No More Spreadsheets – Top 5 Reasons to STOP Using Excel for Planning and Performance Management

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