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About the Competitive Strategy Roundtable

The Competitive Strategy Roundtable is a new special interest group created by the BPM (Business Performance Management) Forum™ that focuses on researching and improving processes and methodologies for reducing competitive risk and enhancing competitive performance within the global enterprise. The Roundtable’s research and programs cover such issues as talent management, intellectual property development and protection, financial capital creation, operational efficiency, and strategic planning.

The Roundtable’s first initiative, the 2007 Competitive Readiness Review, is driven by the continued rapid pace of technology innovation and the emergence of new business models enabled by the Internet and broadband & wireless technologies. Non-traditional sources of competition have proliferated, new international powerhouses have emerged, and major players continue to drive consolidation and extend their footprints through mergers and acquisitions. Global business competition is fiercer than ever, requiring greater rigor and far-sightedness to identify and react to market altering changes, maintain competitiveness and excel in the marketplace.

To bring greater clarity and insight to this phenomenon, the Business Performance Management (BPM) Forum has initiated this new thought leadership effort: The Competitive Strategy Roundtable.