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Accelerate How You Differentiate – The Alert Enterprise Audit

"Accelerate How You Differentiate: The Alert Enterprise Audit" – a BPM Forum report sponsored by webMethods.

"Accelerate How You Differentiate: The Alert Enterprise Audit" is based on a survey of 320 business executives in a cross-section of industries.The study examines the enterprise need to more quickly enact competitive differentiation in response to growing marketplace pressures. It measuresexecutive perceptions and satisfaction levels with their companies’progress toward becoming an "Alert Enterprise," a new model proposed by thestudy that emphasizes IT’s emerging role in sensing operational performance and market change, assuring business agility, and driving market distinction. Download Report >>

Remote Revolution Web Conference

Mobile Workforce Support
Enterprise Mobility Challenges, Threats and Strategies for 2006

Recorded on December 13, 2022

Is your organization prepared for the new requirements of a growing mobile workforce? Are your mobile workers keeping up with real-time customer service demands? A major change in the global workforce is underway — driven by new competitive realities, enabling technologies, and the need to attract and retain remote knowledge workers.

Learn what experts and thought leaders discussed on December 13, 2022 in this 60-minute, online event sponsored by Avaya This on-demand program is for executives and senior staff responsible for maximizing workforce productivity, customer loyalty and business performance. You will:

  • Find out how increased mobility is heightening customer expectations for real-time service and support, while also increasing IT vulnerabilities, liabilities and risks
  • Gain insights into where companies are investing to ensure business continuity, uptime, security and productivity among mobile workers
  • Hear expert opinions on how to overcome business and IT challenges with enterprise mobility strategies for infrastructure, training and outsourcing
  • Receive a complimentary thought leadership package including the “Remote Revolution” report from BPM Forum, the “Working to Communicate Better in Business” report from Avaya — plus two case studies highlighting enterprise mobility strategies and best practices at Boston Red Sox and Padcom organizations

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Compete or Be Beat Survey

The information technology sector is at the heart of the debate over outsourcing and offshoring. The growing trend toward moving or contracting out production to lower cost countries is on the rise and shows no sign of slowing down. Until now, most offshore outsourcing has been point-to-point, between the U.S. and India. Now, China is rapidly emerging as a new market for outsourced software development and services. An IDC report on China’s outsourcing market said outsourcing exports from China reached $400 million US dollars last year. The market is expected to grow at an annual average of 44 percent in the next five years and reach $2.5 billion US dollars in 2008.

Systems Integrators, ISVs, and VARs today are challenged to help businesses improve their competitive position with services that reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, and drive revenue growth in new markets. Offshoring is key to meeting this expectation. It brings substantial benefits to the global economy, with the lion’s share expected to go to the U.S. economy.

“Compete or Be Beat: Offshoring to Advantage” is a Business Performance Management Forum (BPM Forum) Survey of leading Systems Integrators, ISVs, VARs, and consultants on issues relating to offshore outsourcing of software and services. The goal is to better understand cross-border activities and how they are shaping the global software industry.

If you are not responsible for your organization’s offshore outsourcing strategy, please forward the link to this survey to a colleague who can offer the best insight on this important issue. All responses will be aggregated into a survey report that will be available to participants who request access to the findings.
Market Viligance, Product Diligence

Competitive global forces and factors are pressuring technology companies to constantly monitor, calibrate and adjust product development, build and delivery in the face of continuous and often unpredictable demand and supply chain dynamics. Adaptive pricing, agile response to competitive moves, effective stewardship of individual products, as well as astute management of product portfolios have become essential business performance indicators.

Gaining greater visibility into the variables that impact product pricing, availability, profitability, and time-to-market has become a strategic imperative for product marketing and management executives. How well companies plan, predict, project, track, and react on a product level can greatly impact business performance outcomes. Access to reliable, real-time data on product inventories, market pressures, sales pipelines, business forecasts and actual results can optimize decision making on how to best allocate spend and resources on a marketing level.

To what degree are product marketers equipped to make intelligent, informed and insightful decisions that drive top-line and bottom line performance, as well as maximize product value and longevity? How effective are their intelligence systems, forecasting capabilities and pricing strategies? Do they have a comprehensive product lifecycle approach and global view of both supply and demand chains?

These and other issues will be explored in a new intellectual capital initiative under the auspices of the Business Performance Management (BPM) Forum and the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council. Underwritten by Vistaar, a pioneer of next-generation product planning and pricing solutions, “Market Vigilance, Product Diligence” brings together global brand leaders for qualitative dialogs and quantitative assessments of effectiveness. The program will deliver valuable views and perspectives, as well as detailed best practice methodologies for optimizing product marketing performance.