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Think Eco-Logical – IT Sustainability Imperatives in Internet and eCommerce Business
A resounding 97 percent of IT professionals feel that it is important for their Internet and eCommerce related businesses to reduce their carbon footprint, yet little real action is underway to reduce energy consumption in the data center, according to a report by The BPM Forum and its Global Renewable Energy and Environmental Network (GREEN) in conjunction with Rackable Systems (NASDAQ: RACK) and Intel, around a comprehensive online survey and executive dialogs including insights from over 275 IT professionals. Download report »


Garbage is a Terrible Thing to Waste
It may not be a glamorous subject, but it’s as critical to Corporate America as it is to the environment. With the number of landfills steadily declining, there are significant financial benefits to be gained by organizations that are doing things right in waste management–it can quantifiably reduce costs, increase operating efficiencies and help the environment. Download the report to learn more. Download report »


Lean & Green: Reducing Energy Drain for IT Business Gain
Despite rising costs of data center energy and the increasing environmental concern over global warming, IT energy consumption continues to rise within a large percentage of organizations. In fact, nearly half of these companies have consumed to the point of running out of space, power, or cooling. Two-thirds don’t have any energy reduction plan in place. And 75 percent give their organizations a “C” or worse grade in their ability to control IT energy consumption. Download report »


Retain to Gain report coverBusiness Gain From How You Retain: Addressing the Challenge of Customer Churn & Marketing Burn
This study examines ways companies can improve the return on customer equity and lifetime value by making customer insight, understanding and intimacy a hallmark of the organization. The study assesses the degree to which major global brands are unifying and centralizing customer data, undertaking effective marketing analytics, embracing advanced segmentation strategies, and empowering the frontline to act on customer intelligence and behavioral knowledge.Download report »


Uptime @ Crunch Time
Valuing the Need for Data Speed at Critical Business Inflections, reflects responses from more than 125 IT professionals and reveals that a majority have already experienced productivity losses as a result of data overload at critical business junctures, and 25 percent willingly share specific stories of how poor data performance has hurt their business. As a result, most will add significant network storage capacity to keep up. Download report »


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03.01.09 Organization As Network: A Modern Approach to Performance Management


01.04.09 Nine BI Megatrends for 2009


10.01.08 Achieving Breakthrough Performance


06.01.08 Redefining BPM: Why Results and Performance Must Be Separated


06.01.08 BPM 2.0: Taking a Page From Facebook

  White Papers

On-Demand Business Intelligence Solutions
With all the competitive, organization, technical and financial challenges facing today’s businesses, the macro-market trends of Globalization and eCommerce are making it more important than ever before for corporate executives and end users to have the ability to access critical information to make more effective business decisions. Download white paper »


Taming the Data Center Colossus: How to Achieve Dramatic Environmental and Business Benefits
As business and the public become aware of the shocking degree of data center sprawl and its profound environmental consequences, companies are turning to Green initiatives — and realizing unprecedented financial benefits in the process. Find out how enterprises can reduce energy drain and drive business gain by consolidating storage systems, eliminating server proliferation, implementing efficient computing practices, and minimizing power usage. Download white paper »


Defining Business Analytics and Its Impact On Organizational Decision-Making
In December 2008, Computerworld invited IT and business professionals to participate in a survey on business analytics. The survey was fielded via targeted broadcasts to Computerworld customers, as well as through an invitation on The goal of the survey was to better understand the audience’s definition of and familiarity with business analytics as a growing market category, as well as to track the perceived benefits of business analytics software implementation. Download »


A Business Process and Performance Management Framework For The Intelligent Business
Over the last several years, the performance management marketplace has been growing steadily with mainstream business intelligence vendors having made hay by introducing performance management products that support scorecards, metrics dashboards (for easy visualization), budgeting, forecasting and planning. Most of this effort has been around the balanced scorecard performance management technology. Download »


On-Demand Business Intelligence Solutions
With all the competitive, organization, technical and financial challenges facing today’s businesses, the macro-market trends of Globalization and eCommerce are making it more important than ever before for corporate executives and end users to have the ability to access critical information to make more effective business decisions. Download »


Infrastructure Consolidation
Consolidation may be a key tool for realizing the goals of many organizations. In particular, if some form of consolidation advances the business goals of the organization, then consolidation should be considered. However, it will not match the business goals of all organizations or it may not be a priority for others. In those cases, other projects should take priority. Download »


Clean Break 
Clean Break focuses on emerging trends, technology and investment opportunities related to alternative and renewable energy sources. It covers politics as it relates to renewable energy, the environment, natural gases, book reviews and new products.


Microsoft’s Business Intelligence Blog 
Performance management advice from Microsoft.


The Enterprise Performance Management Blog 
From the editors of Intelligent Enterprise.


CIO’s Business Performance Management Forum 
From the editors of CIO Magazine.


The View from Harvard Business 
The latest ideas and insights from the minds of Harvard Business.


On Disruption 
The Disruption Group’s Forum For Ideas On Disruption


Big Ideas to Big Results 
Remake and Recharge your company, fast.


Leading Change 
From Seth Kahan of


Global coverage of business intelligence solutions


Business Performance Management Express Blog 
Covers developments and trends in the market for business performance management systems and services


Startegic Management: Competitiveness and Globalization, Concepts and Cases
Michael A. Hitt, R. Duane Ireland & Robert E. Hoskisson

STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT: COMPETITIVENESS AND GLOBALIZATION, CONCEPTS AND CASES Eighth Edition, is a comprehensive Strategic Management text that combines impeccable scholarship; cutting-edge research; a sophisticated and practical global focus; and the most thorough, up-to-date, and relevant business examples and cases available. Now, this seminal business text is enhanced by the addition of powerful new media and technology resources, including an updated video program, CengageNOW online teaching tools, and the Business and Company Resource Center (BCRC)–a complete electronic business library. The highly respected authors, all active teachers and experts in the strategic management field, use a unique model that blends classic industrial organization with a resource-based view of the firm to explain how real-world businesses use strategic management to build a sustained competitive advantage. The text includes current and relevant examples to provide context for key concepts, outstanding figures and models to illustrate key points, and a case study section containing engaging and exemplary cases that cover a broad range of critical issues confronting mangers today. Available from Amazon »


Managing Innovation and Change
Dr. David Mayle

Building on the success of the Second Edition with 19 new chapters, Managing Innovation and Change showcases the best work of thinkers writing in this area and provides a coherent picture of key ideas and concepts to have emerged from this exciting field. Available from Amazon »


Open Business Models: How to Thrive in the New Innovation Landscape
Henry Chesbrough

In Open Business Models, Chesbrough takes readers to the next step—explaining how to make money in an open innovation landscape. He provides a diagnostic instrument enabling you to assess your company’s current business model, and explains how to overcome common barriers to creating a more open model. He also offers compelling examples of companies that have developed such models—including Procter & Gamble, IBM, and Air Products. Available from Amazon »


Evaluation in Organizations: A Systematic Approach to Enhancing Learning, Performance, and Change
Darlene Russ-Eft and Hallie Preskill

book cover From new product launches to large-scale training initiatives, organizations need the tools to measure the effectivness of their programs, processes, and systems. In Evaluation in Organizations, learning theory experts Darlene Russ-Eft and Hallie Preskill integrate the most current research with practical applications to provide a fully revised new edition of this essential resource for managers, human resource professionals, students, and teachers. Available from Amazon »


Customer Loyalty in E-Retailing
William McEwen

Although American companies spend a staggering $500 billion on advertising annually, many fail to establish an emotional connection with consumers. Married to the Brand examines why some companies develop this most desirable consumer connection, and why others don’t. Using Gallup’s 60 years of global consumer data and tons of consumer stories, William McEwen shows that many marketers are great at wooing a “first date” with consumers, but only the best can create a lasting marriage between buyer and brand. Available from Amazon »


A Complete and Balanced Scorecard – Creating Value Through Sustained Performance Improvement
by Rajesh K. Tyagi and Praveen Gupta

Thousands of organizations are driving value through the use of the business scorecard. Unfortunately, most business scorecards are not designed for service businesses. Now, two of the world’s leading service business performance experts show how to adapt, use, and succeed with the business scorecard in your service organization. Available from Amazon »


Performance Management
by Robert Bacal

Employee performance is a measurable asset­­one that can be managed and maximized like any other asset. Performance Management is the comprehensive guidebook on how to establish a communication system to get top performance and value from each employee, in a workplace climate designed to stimulate greater productivity from both managers and employees. Available from Amazon »


Business Performance Measurement: Unifying Theory and Integrating Practice
by Andy Neely

Business Performance Measurement reviews recent developments in the theory and practice of performance measurement and management. This new edition includes ten new chapters which provide a comprehensive review of performance measurement from the perspectives of accounting, marketing, operations, public services and supply-chain management. Available from Amazon »


Drive Business Performance: Enabling a Culture of Intelligent Execution
by Bruno Aziza, Joey Fitts, Robert S. Kaplan, David P. Norton

This groundbreaking guide provides a deep understanding of how to achieve enterprise performance management objectives, backed up by first-hand accounts from Fortune 500 companies who are winning by building accountability, intelligence, and informed decision-making into their organizational DNA. Drive Business Performance explains the competitive advantage experienced by organizations that create and manage a “Culture of Performance.” Available from Amazon »


Performance Management: Integrating Strategy Execution, Methodologies, Risk, and Analytics
by Gary Cokins

A highly accessible collection of essays on contemporary thinking in performance management. Readers will get excellent overviews on the Balanced Scorecard, strategy maps, incentives, management accounting, activity-based costing, customer lifetime value, and sustainable shareholder value creation. Available from Amazon »


Case Studies in Performance Management: A Guide from the Experts
by Tony Adkins

If you’re looking for a way to dramatically improve your company’s performance and get back its competitive edge, Case Studies in Performance Management: A Guide from the Experts will show you how other businesses, driven to remain competitive by changes in their industries, learned to work smarter using ABC/PM in today’s tough business environment. Available from Amazon »


The Execution Premium
by Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton

book cover This book focuses on the fact that business strategy is more crucial than ever. Yet most organizations struggle not with devising strategy but with executing it, or putting their strategy into action. Execution failures have lead companies to realize only just a fraction of the financial performance proposed in their strategic plans. Available from Amazon »


Implementing Beyond Budgeting: Unlocking the Performance Potential
by Bjarte Bogsnes

Bjarte Bogsnes has championed many Beyond Budgeting projects and discloses best practices from actual cases in this book Implementing Beyond Budgeting. The book reveals how your organization can maximize a performance climate with teams committed to a common puprose, shared rewards, and sustained value creation. Available from Amazon »


Best Practices in Planning and Performance Management: From Data to Decisions
by David A. Axson

Bombarded by an avalanche of information, today’s managers find that traditional budgeting, forecasting, and reporting techniques are not only obsolete, they’re dangerous. They are simply too slow, too detailed, and too disconnected for the information age we live in. So where do managers turn to for help when asked to develop plans, build budgets, report progress, and make decisions in response to today’s increasingly competitive, fast-paced, and volatile environment? The answers are found in Best Practices in Planning and Performance Man-agement, Second Edition. Available from Amazon »


Five Key Principles of Corporate Performance Management
by Bob Paladino

In Five Key Principles of Corporate Performance Management, Bob Paladino shares his decades of experience to provide proven, real-world implementation insights from globally recognized and award-winning organizations. You’ll discover what today’s Fortune 100 companies are doing right, and how to implement their enterprise techniques and strategies within your own organization to maximize success. Available from Amazon »


The Performance Management Revolution: Business Results Through Insight and Action
by Howard Dresner

Some revolutions-like the American Revolution-are bloody and noisy, while others-like the Industrial Revolution-are quieter and slower. In the long run, though, both kinds of revolutions lead to profound change. Today, we are in the early stages of one of the quiet revolutions. At the heart of this revolution is an increase in human freedom in business. The Performance Management Revolution provides a compelling and insightful description of the profound changes that will take place, what they will really mean for you, and how you can take advantage of them to improve your business performance. Available from Amazon »


Business Genetics: Understanding 21st Century Corporations Using xBML
by Cedric G. Tyler and Stephen R. Baker

book coverDeveloped over thirty years and proven in over 500 projects within major organizations, xBML is the world’s first scientific method for describing business. In essence, it unlocks the genetic code, and this information can then be called upon repeatedly to describe, plan and improve. Read this book to discover why unlocking your organization’s Business Genetics will lead to quantifiable business improvement. Available from Amazon »


Answering the Ultimate Question
by Richard Owen and Laura Brooks, PhD

Answering the Ultimate Question is an in-depth follow-on to the national bestseller The Ultimate Question. With a growing number of leading companies implementing a Net Promoter discipline to improve customer loyalty and improve revenues, Answering the Ultimate Question provides key insights into the building blocks to make you successful. Would you recommend this company to your friends and colleagues? That question, based on Fred Reichheld’s The Ultimate Question , challenged the conventional wisdom of customer satisfaction surveys and provides a more accurate way of gauging what customers really think about your company. Available from Amazon »


Drive Business Performance: Enabling a Culture of Intelligent Execution
by Bruno Aziza and Joey Fitts

This innovative, jargon-free book demystifies performance management, with detailed guidance for organizations to replicate top performers’ practices, including the recommended skills and assets needed to successfully compete in today’s business environment. The groundbreaking guide is filled with first-hand accounts from Fortune 500 companies who are winning by building accountability, intelligence, and informed decision-making into their organizational DNA. Available from Amazon »


The Granularity of Growth: How to Identify the Sources of Growth and Drive Enduring Company Performance
by Patrick Viguerie, Sven Smit and Mehrdad Baghai

While growth is a top priority for companies of all sizes, it can be extremely difficult to create and maintain–especially in today’s competitive business environment. The Granularity of Growth will put you in a better position to succeed as it reveals why growth is so important, what enables certain companies to grow so spectacularly, and how to ensure that growth comes from multiple sources as you take both a broad and a granular view of your markets. Available from Amazon »